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Guided Tours

Free tours in Chinese and English and free parent-child tours on weekends

Each tour is limited up to 30 persons. For Mandarin Chinese tours, please register at the guided tour counter on the 2F. For English and family (parent-child) tours, please make reservations one week ahead by dialing +886-5-362-0777. Each person is charged $30 for the rental of the audio devices. The tour schedule is as follows:


Chinese tours: 10:00 , 14:00

English tours: 10:30 , 14:30

Parent-child tours: 14:00 every Sat. and Sun.


Audio Tours



(Currency: NTD)


Parent-child audio-guide device


Available in Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese.

Audio-guide APP for mobile phones


(for one account)

Available in Mandarin Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

Users may switch the language after downloading the APP.

iOS: https://goo.gl/CZRvDn

Android: https://goo.gl/cCnUjb


  iOS         Android

Personal audio-guide device


Available in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka, English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese and Indonesian.

Available in visually-impaired (verbal imaging) and hearing-impaired (sign language) versions.

Visitors with disability card and one accompanying person may use this service free of charge.

Multimedia-guide devices


Available in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean subtitles.

Visitors with disability card and one accompanying person may use this service free of charge. 

Group audio guide device (a master set + earpiece receivers)


Tour guides will talk through the master set and microphone, while group members receive the messages from the earpieces. For groups without tour guides, a personal audio guide device will be provided.

To maintain a quality and quiet visiting environment, groups of 10 or more shall use the group audio guide system. The devices shall be returned together after use.


  1. Visitors may go to the Multimedia Guide on the 2F for the audio-guide rental services with a deposit of a valid identity document or NTD 1,000. Visitors may retrieve the document or the cash deposit after returning the device.
  2. The deposit is only accepted in cash.
  3. For more questions regarding the audio guide services, please dial +886-972-023-002.