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By Car

Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum

Address: 61248 No.888, Gugong Blvd., Taibao City, Chiayi County, 61248, Taiwan R.O.C

Phone Number:+886-5-362-0777



Two parking lots are available at Northside Entrance and Southside Entrance with a total of 33 parking spaces for tour buses, 355 parking spaces for cars (10 accessible car parking spaces), 218 parking spaces for motorbikes (5 accessible motorbike parking spaces) and 70 parking spaces for bikes.


Parking Fees





Tour Bus


Free for the first 30 min.

$30 for the first 31 to 60 min.

$15 for each additional 30 min.



Maximum 4 hours.

Over 4 hours: $100/H




Accessible car park


Please drive to the toll booth at the entrance and show the disability card or the disability license plate.



Visitors will need to walk for 20 minutes from the parking lot at Northside Entrance to the Museum. It is recommended to take the shuttle bus at S5. The bus fee at S5 is $30 with unlimited rides for one day. (For Museum Shuttle Bus Route, please click here.)